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Monday, July 24, 2006

Quote of the day

USA Weekend, the newspaper magazine Sunday supplement, has a piece about the recent film "Syriana," an interview with Joseph Romm, executive director of the Center for Energy & Climate Solutions and a former acting assistant secretary at the Department of Energy during Clinton's presidency. He is a top expert on clean energy technologies and author of a forthcoming book about global warming. From the article, An energy expert's evaluation: Weighing Hollywood's "Syriana" against the world's true balance of power":

Scene 27: The BBQ -- Holiday tells an oil exec, "We're looking for the illusion of due diligence, Mr. Pope. Two criminal acts successfully prosecuted -- it gives us that illusion."

"I love this line. Much of what passes for government policy today is nothing more than theater designed to create the illusion that the nation's problems are being addressed."


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