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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

This is a test, it is only a test

The nice thing about blog platforms is that they can either have images displayed separate from text, or text can wrap around them.

This shows the image with text wrapped around it, at the size that I usually employ for such images.

If you click on the image, it will display it at the size of the original download.  To do it this way I can either upload it from my computer or via Flickr.

On the other hand, sometimes I display photos and graphics at the "full width" of the column of text, which is about 420 picas.  To do that I use Flickr.  This is how that would look.

Nope, for some reason, the code isn't working in this blog, I don't know why.  I did a brief test and then deleted it in the main blog, and it appeared just fine.


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